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Paintings and Art Reference
Ralph Earl
Worldly Goods

Women and the Army

Revolutionary War
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New England History
Cronon, William. Changes in the Land

Manuals, Tayloring and Otherwise, Online

The Mirror of the Graces (at University of Wisconsin’s digital commons)

The Mirror of the Graces (1830) at

The Tailor’s Preceptor (1826)

The Taylor’s Instructor (Queen and Lapsley, 1809)

A Treatise on Archery (1822)

Useful secondary sources for household management, hygiene, and seasonal change:

Kathleen Brown, Foul Bodies: Cleanliness in Early America. (New Haven: 2009)

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My current (custom) brooms: Brooms for Sale

Scrub brushes, dusters, and shoe brushes beyond your wildest dreams: Nessentials. They sell the plain Bürstenhaus Redecker brushes. Joy.

Mops I currently make myself, see these posts on research and initial trials.

Good guidelines for being a servant, and with receipts:
The servant’s directory : or house-keeper’s companion: … To which is annexed a diary, or house-keeper’s pocket-book for the whole year.By Hannah. Glasse
London : Printed for the author ; and sold by W. Johnston ; at Mrs. Wharton’s, at Mrs. Ashburnham’s china-shop, Mr Vaughan’s, and by all the Booksellers in town and country, 1760

The compleat servant-maid; or, The young maidens tutor Directing them how they may fit, and qualifie themselves for any of these employments. Viz. Waiting woman, house-keeper, chamber-maid, cook-maid, under cook-maid, nursery-maid, dairy-maid, laundry-maid, house-maid, scullery-maid. Composed for the great benefit and advantage of all young maidens.
Woolley, Hannah, fl. 1670. London: printed for T. Passinger, at the Three Bibles on London Bridge, 1677.

Guidelines for manservants, 1823 but still useful (you will need more brushes):
The Footman’s Director and Butler’s Rememberancer. Thomas Cosnett, 1823.

The book known as One Thousand Receipts Likely to Kill You (but in interesting ways):

Woodward, William Wallis. One thousand valuable secrets, in the elegant and useful arts : collected from the practice of the best artists .. by Published 1795 by Philadelphia : Printed for B. Davies …, and T. Stephens … .

If you are traveling with the Army, or quartered in Barracks or a Cantonment with Huts: Links on hygiene and historical medical practices.

U.S. Army Department of Medical History

Observations on the means of preserving the health of soldiers and sailors : and on the duties of the medical department of the Army and Navy : with remarks on hospitals and their internal arrangement by Cutbush, Edward, 1772-1843; Rush, Benjamin, 1746-1813. Directions for preserving the health of soldiers, addressed to the officers of the Army of the United States

Plain concise practical remarks, on the treatment of wounds and fractures : to which is added, an appendix, on camp and military hospitals ; principally designed, for the use of young military and naval surgeons, in North-Americaby Jones, John, 1729-1791; Cadwalader, Thomas, 1707 or 8-1779, dedicatee; Bell, Robert, 1732?-1784, printer